Friday, September 30, 2005

OM- @#$#!'n -G

ho-leeee shit! wtf? grrrrrrrrr...

i have had my share of horrible and awkward incidents, but this one was a doosey. if there was a cake, this one would take it.

i'm a generaly good guy and over the years i have had many house guests and nothing has ever gone too wrong. german skaters, wayward travelers, lost artists, touring bands and the occasional homeless stripper, none have ever been an issue until now.

(see photo above of stupid bitch!)

it all started two saturdays ago. my friend 't' and a bunch of others came on by the house for saturdays broadcast of AUTOMATIC 9
and all was well. they also brought a few chicks and stuff to grill. life was all good for the day. later that evening my buddy 't' asked if one of the chick could crash for a while because she's from out of town, blah, blah, blah... anyways. she stayed. now, i don't really have a problem with this kinda shit because i have been helped while traveling and i wanted to return the karmic favor.

the next day i start hearing sentences that start out with the words 'buy me' and that's when the red flag begins to inch its way up the flagpole. all things are still OK and a few days go on. she did a few chores and put in a few resumes on the computer. i felt good that i could help out.

so then comes the day that i say 'hey baby our time is up you have a couple of days to find another spot. Its all good & bye.' i thought all went well, but i was wrong. oh yeah, i was wrong.

that night i went to check out a dodger game out in echo park. the game was good (9-4 over the pirates) and all was well. before i went home i went to my buddie's studio and chilled out with some brews and then left to go home and crash, and i did, until... (2b cont.)

listening to )) hooker songs

The Police - Roxanne
NWA - She Swallowed It (just for you BE-ATCH!)

Monday, September 19, 2005

4 p0$terity

old drawings are like sugar water ...

listening to ))) mu$ic

Cibo Matto - Sugar Water
Garbage, No Doubt, Distillers - Call Me [cover]

Saturday, September 17, 2005

givin' $ome lov3

...well this is interesting.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005


breathe out so i can breathe you in...

when i was a kid i had a neighbor. a decent people, at the time, but earlier in thier lives they were masons and affiliated with the KKK, but that was not the issue. they had a sizeable piece of land next to ours in early 70's alhambra california and in the backyard they had a HAM RADIO tower. it was about three stories tall and narrow like a light post. by the time i was old enough to notice it it was all beat to shit and in horrible shape. it was great, like something out of a tim burton film.

i got to go up into it once. it swayed with the wind and there were rata and all kinds of shit runnin around. the walls had removed boards where he late owner stored guns for the upcoming apocalypse or race war. it was weird as fuck. tons of surplus radio and electronic equipment were strewn everywhere.

when i got to the top it felt like you could see the whole world (east LA). you could even see the roofs of two story houses! WOW! anyways, ever since then i have had a strange attraction to independant radio. go figure ... who knew a racist praration for the end of white america would lead to me drinking beer playing punk rock on the internet. who'd a thunk.

Monday, September 12, 2005


riding on my bicycle, i saw a motor crash...

i have been thinking about my grandpa lately. it's been a long time.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

who? m3m3?

the tears of a clown, when no ones around...

it there such a thing as a good meme? well maybe there is... go here and pop in the year of your graduation and rank the songs. bold the ones you dug, strike the ones you hated and leave alone the ones you dont remember. easy enough? probably not, ya simp!

1. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, Bryan Adams
2. I Wanna Sex You Up, Color Me Badd
3. Gonna Make You Sweat, C+C Music Factory
4. Rush Rush, Paula Abdul
5. One More Try, Timmy T
6. Unbelievable, EMF
7. More Than Words, Extreme
8. I Like The Way (The Kissing Game), Hi-Five
9. The First Time, Surface
10. Baby, Baby, Amy Grant
11. Motownphilly, Boyz II Men
12. Because I Love You (The Postman Song), Stevie B
13. Someday, Mariah Carey
14. High Enough, Damn Yankees
15. From A Distance, Liette Midler
16. All The Man That I Need, Whitney Houston
17. Right Here, Right Now, Jesus Jones
18. I Adore Mi Amor, Color Me Badd
19. Love Will Never Do (Without You), Janet Jackson
20. Good Vibrations, Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch
21. Justify My Love, Madonna
22. Emotions, Mariah Carey
23. Joyride, Roxette
24. Romantic, Karyn White
25. I Don't Wanna Cry, Mariah Carey
26. Hold You Tight, Tara Kemp
27. You're In Love, Wilson Phillips
28. Every Heartbeat, Amy Grant
29. Sensitivity, Ralph Tresvant
30. Touch Me (All Night Long), Cathy Dennis wanted to do her though!
31. I've Been Thinking About You, Londonbeat
32. Do Anything, Natural Selection
33. Losing My Religion, R.E.M.
34. Coming Out Of The Dark. Gloria Estefan
35. Here We Go. C+C Music Factory
36. it Ain't Over 'Til It's Over, Lenny Kravitz
37. Where Does My Heart Beat Now, Celine Dion
38. Summertime, D.J. Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince
39. Wind Of Change, Scorpions
40. P.A.S.S.I.O.N., Rhythm Syndicate
41. The Promise Of A New Day, Paula Abdul
42. I'm Your Baby Tonight, Whitney Houston
43. Love Of A Lifetime, Firehouse
44. Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave), Roxette
45. This House, Tracie Spencer
46. Hole Hearted, Extreme
47. Power Of Love-Love Power, Luther Vandross
48. Impulsive, Wilson Phillips
49. Love Is A Wonderful Thing, Michael Bolton
50. Rhythm Of My Heart, Rod Stewart
51. Things That Make You Go Hmmmm..., C+C Music Factory
52. I Touch Myself, Divinyls
53. Tom's Diner, DNA w/ suzzane vega
54. Iesha, Another Bad Creation same as 'poison'
55. Something To Talk About, Bonnie Raitt
56. After The Rain, Nelson
57. Play That Funky Music, Vanilla Ice
58. Temptation, Corina
59. Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Bryan Adams
60. I Can't Wait Another Minute, Hi-Five
61. 3 A.M. Eternal, The KLF
62. Time, Love and Tenderness, Michael Bolton
63. Saideness Part I, Enigma
64. Around The Way Girl, LL Cool J
65. I'll Be There, Escape Club
66. Cream, Prince and The N.P.G.
67. Now That We Found Love, Heavy D. and The Boyz
68. Show Me The Way, Styx
69. Love Takes Time, Mariah Carey
70. Cry For Help, Rick Astley
71. The Way You Do The Things You Do, UB40
72. Here I Am (Come and Take Me), UB40
73. Signs, Tesla
74. Too Many Walls, Cathy Dennis
75. Crazy, Seal
76. I'll Give All My Love To You, Keith Sweat
77. Place In This World, Michael W. Smith
78. Something To Believe In, Poison
79. Wicked Game, Chris Issak
80. Get Here, Oleta Adams
81. Round and Round, Tevin Campbell
82. Silent Lucidity, Queensryche
83. I'm Not In Love, Will To Power
84. Piece Of My Heart, Tara Kemp
85. Real Real Real, Jesus Jones
87. Just Another Dream, Cathy Dennis
88. Everybody Plays The Fool, Aaron Neville
88. Strike It Up, Black Box
89. Rico Suave, Gerardo
90. Disappear, INXS
91. Groove Is In The Heart, Deee-Lite
92. All This Time, Sting
93. The One and Only, Chesney Hawkes
94. O.P.P., Naughty By Nature
95. Freedom 90, George Michael
96. I Saw Red, Warrent
97. Miles Away, Winger
98. Do You Want Me, Salt-N-Pepa
99. The Motown Song, Rod Stewart
100. Shiny Happy People, R.E.M.

dedicated to all the peeps who don't give a fuck! and those that don't. and to all those i dont remember (all 5 of you)... too bad soooooooo sad you must have really sucked!!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

old drawings & old memories

life in the war zone is THE life for me ...

anyone who draws alot or has dedicated thier lives to a pad and a pen knows that in every passage there lies a million and one memories. when a creator sees his work he relives every moment of its creation with every mark and subtextual gesture. the subtle way the nape of a subject's neck falls gently into shadow just the way you love to do it and how the studio smelled of wet oils and toast when you layed down each gentle mark awith just the right value for the piece. each note in its place.

every passage has a beginning and an end. every motion holds a memory and every errant line delivers a monologue about the life of its author. a splendid collection of human foibles captured in a picture without ever being said outloud.

listening to ))) 1973

War - The Cisco Kid

Thursday, September 08, 2005

its back

she's my cherry pie ...

she's back again. she's in my head. lurking, and wandering around my brain while she fingers her hair and laughes in the hallways and dark, dark spaces. always that same laugh as she gently runs her finger across the doors of my head one by one. till she finds the one that makes me melt with dirty thoughts and bad inuendos. i'm a sucker, a sap, a mark in a scam about to lose my cash.

listening to ))) ___/\__/\/\_ 000%

Mau Maus - Sex Girls in Uniform
The Backs - Girls in White Sunglasses

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

@utomatic 9 (Nin3)

well ...

... i'm out here in my unibomber style shack. ranting into a stolen home karaoke mic and playing punk rock. ahhhhhhhhhh... paradise.

i have just began my AUTOMATIC nine blog space for all 3 of my rabid fans. grrrrr babies! anyways... drop me a line or drop some comments. MAKE sure you get in the mailing list (no spam i promise) so i can send you the broadcast times and anything else that may fit in with the music thing! woooooooo hoooooooooooo!

i look forward to hearing from you all! VIVA INTERNET RADIO!!!

listening to ))) the sounds of the rebellion

The Dead Kennedys - MTV get off the air!
The Clash - This is Radio Clash

Saturday, September 03, 2005

my gentle lam3nt

a gentle lament for the pain and water.

while we all play ball and laugh in the dry, dry sun others swim and cry. they fall along the roadside with fear and sorrow. our big easy has taken a hit. this, my gentle lament, is for all of you. to all the wet and bewildered souls caught in the storm.

may peace be with you along with my hope and prayers.

listening to ))) a southern requiem

Credence Clearwater Revival - Rollin on a River

Thursday, September 01, 2005

¢h@rlotte ...sup baby?

for those about to rock...

'excuse me miss i was noticing you from across the room.'
'oh really.'
'yes, i was all the way over there on the left, by the window and the sea.'
'i think i saw you there.'
'oh yeah?' i smile
'maybe.' she says returning the volley 'you are'nt from around here are you?'
'how can you tell?'
'its your left side inflection'
'oh really? as i see it, you have the accent. your sweet lilting drawl filled with bubble gum and ripe apples.'
'you are too kind sir'
'oh, you do intrigue me.'
'have you been around town much? admired the beauty?'
'outstanding, there was much to see. i'd like to see more.'
'i knew you'd like it. are you coming back?'
'it all depends.'
'oh really? on what?' ..... we smile.

listening to ))) my life

The Damned - Neat Neat Neat