Thursday, September 01, 2005

¢h@rlotte ...sup baby?

for those about to rock...

'excuse me miss i was noticing you from across the room.'
'oh really.'
'yes, i was all the way over there on the left, by the window and the sea.'
'i think i saw you there.'
'oh yeah?' i smile
'maybe.' she says returning the volley 'you are'nt from around here are you?'
'how can you tell?'
'its your left side inflection'
'oh really? as i see it, you have the accent. your sweet lilting drawl filled with bubble gum and ripe apples.'
'you are too kind sir'
'oh, you do intrigue me.'
'have you been around town much? admired the beauty?'
'outstanding, there was much to see. i'd like to see more.'
'i knew you'd like it. are you coming back?'
'it all depends.'
'oh really? on what?' ..... we smile.

listening to ))) my life

The Damned - Neat Neat Neat