Wednesday, September 14, 2005


breathe out so i can breathe you in...

when i was a kid i had a neighbor. a decent people, at the time, but earlier in thier lives they were masons and affiliated with the KKK, but that was not the issue. they had a sizeable piece of land next to ours in early 70's alhambra california and in the backyard they had a HAM RADIO tower. it was about three stories tall and narrow like a light post. by the time i was old enough to notice it it was all beat to shit and in horrible shape. it was great, like something out of a tim burton film.

i got to go up into it once. it swayed with the wind and there were rata and all kinds of shit runnin around. the walls had removed boards where he late owner stored guns for the upcoming apocalypse or race war. it was weird as fuck. tons of surplus radio and electronic equipment were strewn everywhere.

when i got to the top it felt like you could see the whole world (east LA). you could even see the roofs of two story houses! WOW! anyways, ever since then i have had a strange attraction to independant radio. go figure ... who knew a racist praration for the end of white america would lead to me drinking beer playing punk rock on the internet. who'd a thunk.