Wednesday, October 14, 2009

t3h sh0w

this is it. underneath the sunset bridge, echo park, cali ... d!

the back ...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

$andw1ch b0ard


Monday, October 05, 2009

/\/\y l@test 0pu$

Artist Statement by Deryke Cardenaz

I am a multi-media artist from Southern California with a strong background in drawing, and a career spent in the commercial art scenes of L.A and Orange County. Growing up in the media-saturated worlds of art, surfing, music, and design has given my work a sense of slick surreality. At the same time, I move through genres and mediums to break down my own ideas of what my art needs to be. This process can lead from anthropomorphic sports scenes all the way to soft-circuit drawings and outsider street art. It's this conflict in ideas that sparks my interests in making art.

My process is improvisational discovery coupled with a life of amassed artistic techniques and carefully cultivated visual experiences and inspirations. Each work is a discovery of unanticipated connections and interplays of chance and intention that reveal themselves as the work moves along. Similar to music, my work depends on movement, moments in time, moments in culture, up to and including the minutia of my own life. I strive to let the viewer create their own relationship to the pieces as well as feeling mine. This visual dialog between artist, image, and viewer is where my interests lie.


I was lucky to be raised and educated in Southern California. After receiving my undergraduate degree from The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, I immediately began to bake under the rays of commercial design and art, as well as teaching drawing and visual imaging at the college level. As a veteran of the "Art for Hire" system in the Los Angeles area, I worked as a designer, graphic artist, and illustrator while honing an acute visual acumen with an eye for compelling images and innovative art. I am enrolled in the Graduate program at CSULA majoring in Studio Art.

... i feel so naked. any feedback ? anyone call BS ? thnx bill & robb !