Friday, September 09, 2005

old drawings & old memories

life in the war zone is THE life for me ...

anyone who draws alot or has dedicated thier lives to a pad and a pen knows that in every passage there lies a million and one memories. when a creator sees his work he relives every moment of its creation with every mark and subtextual gesture. the subtle way the nape of a subject's neck falls gently into shadow just the way you love to do it and how the studio smelled of wet oils and toast when you layed down each gentle mark awith just the right value for the piece. each note in its place.

every passage has a beginning and an end. every motion holds a memory and every errant line delivers a monologue about the life of its author. a splendid collection of human foibles captured in a picture without ever being said outloud.

listening to ))) 1973

War - The Cisco Kid