Tuesday, November 30, 2004

@ n3w PIC - kinda ...

... the ol' school crew en el cuarto rojo :)

Sunday, November 28, 2004

b@s3d 0n @ p1c+uR3 ~ 011 people i know P:deaux

... la
... S
... bJ
... j
... n
... D0
... mo.B
... J
... <3
... duck

30th blog ...how about a poem?

...is this fate?

in my house, i can see
all the shores that shelter me.
taking in , calling out,
till the skies come falling down.

left of center to the right
all the fight, but not the might.
call me a coward on the road
the song, the story left untold.

when the birds are coming home
to the house i do not own.
i ask myself to please slow up
'cause my own fight has left me down.

left alone, on the phone
in my town thats not my home.
my only hope falls sullen down,
on my home thats not my town.

4 wh@+ itZ worth ....

... i have a picture in my room. its a picture of a girl in a red sweater on an overcast day . in the picture there is a lonely beach some boats and a couple of good kids.

this picture is haunting me. it represents all that is warm and happy within myself, but at the same time, it is a reminder of what is no more. its funny how the red in her sweater doesnt seem to fade with time, and it does not tarnish like most of my photos. in a way it almost becomes brighter against the background as time goes washing past.

the expression on her face was one of trust and love with shiney eyes and a hint suspension of disbelief. my world has been built up and 'eaten by the monster of love' more than once in my day and my eyes have since become weary and tired from looking up at the bright bright sun after a nasty heart hangover.

well for what its worth, it has come to my attention that the walloping that my heart has taken, has not been the death of it. for sometime i thought that it had finally been beat to a pulp and taken out of commission. its been about a year since the so-called last breath of life fell out of my ol' beater, and sadly enough i have noticed that the only time it shakes is for the lil picture of that lil gal in the big red sweater. i dont kow if there is anything i can do about it but, its mixed message of sad loser / hopeful romantic is one of crappy ambivolence and really does nothing to make me feel better about myself, but the fact that i am not dead inside is good enough for me.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

my un@tur@l lUv

... houston: we have a problem! :) I LOVE HALO 2 TOO MUCH!

at the risk of sounding like the biggest geek ever to plug and play, i must say that since the 9th o' november i have had an unatural obsession with HALO, the COVENANT, and MASTER CHIEF. sad and sadder! after waiting two or so years BUNJIE has finally made my day with the release of HALO 2. this game is a 'save the world' game starring a charismatic cyber spartan called MASTER CHIEF. well this game rocks! the online multiplayer is so awesome. and surprisingly works exceptionally well on my first GEN xbox ( damn you! THOMPSON DVD DRIVE) even when my box wont! over all i give it a thumbs up on the deryke scale of hate and love. as for the ending though .....

... i hated it !!!! you suck BUNJIE!

Monday, November 22, 2004

b@s3d 0n @ p1c+uR3 ~ 00Y not T3N?

... HEY, i remember that guy!

he used to be pretty cool, but something happened. a paradigm change? an epiphany? massive cranial trauma? well, we may never know, but there is an idea about the sad truth. maybe, all that is different is his pant size.

... the mystery lingers on :)

Monday, November 08, 2004

b@s3d 0n @ p1c+uR3 ~ oo 9 NIHNE

... d, well here we go again. the picture berfore you is one of my old LB apt. at 1321 ocean BLVD. in the good ol' GG (the gay ghetto as the locals call it ). the spot was fun but had its draw backs along with some advantages coming in the form of good times and good people.
at this time i had just moved out of one apt (on appleton, 3 blks away) to another. at the new place i felt a lil more alone than i had with my old roomate 'W'. my days were filled with various jobs out on the west side of town (santa monica) web crap, print design, blah blah blah. for a while liver abuse was the name of the game. v-room, ferns, the red room, etc.. unfortunately i am one of those dive bar afficionados ( :( ) , so there was a decent amount of time spent with all that nonsense. that and tony hawk ONE. it was good shit playing with friends and gabbin' the night away.
in my opinion the best thing that ever happened at that apt happened sept of 99' at a party on my roof at a neighbor party. i met quite a lil lady and tried once again at the brass ring. :)

Saturday, November 06, 2004

b@s3d 0n @ p1c+uR3 ~ 008 people i know P:1

... d
... ml
... sw , rpm , l
... m
... ? , mm , kfc , ?
... dk
... p
... w , D
... r
... o
... c , a
... MPK
... lg
... dsc , ab , ws
~fun w/ old pics of old friends ... :)

Thursday, November 04, 2004

b@s3d 0n @ p1c+uR3 ~ oo SEV3N

... i just missed a good show. my boys from the band Languis ( off Simball Records in Los Angeles, california simballrec.com ) came to play at KOO's in down town long beach last night. i shoulda went. o-swell... well you should check them out. listen up kid, they are mell-o argentines that have an awesome ear for the slow goodness of life. and that is rare :)