Friday, September 30, 2005

OM- @#$#!'n -G

ho-leeee shit! wtf? grrrrrrrrr...

i have had my share of horrible and awkward incidents, but this one was a doosey. if there was a cake, this one would take it.

i'm a generaly good guy and over the years i have had many house guests and nothing has ever gone too wrong. german skaters, wayward travelers, lost artists, touring bands and the occasional homeless stripper, none have ever been an issue until now.

(see photo above of stupid bitch!)

it all started two saturdays ago. my friend 't' and a bunch of others came on by the house for saturdays broadcast of AUTOMATIC 9
and all was well. they also brought a few chicks and stuff to grill. life was all good for the day. later that evening my buddy 't' asked if one of the chick could crash for a while because she's from out of town, blah, blah, blah... anyways. she stayed. now, i don't really have a problem with this kinda shit because i have been helped while traveling and i wanted to return the karmic favor.

the next day i start hearing sentences that start out with the words 'buy me' and that's when the red flag begins to inch its way up the flagpole. all things are still OK and a few days go on. she did a few chores and put in a few resumes on the computer. i felt good that i could help out.

so then comes the day that i say 'hey baby our time is up you have a couple of days to find another spot. Its all good & bye.' i thought all went well, but i was wrong. oh yeah, i was wrong.

that night i went to check out a dodger game out in echo park. the game was good (9-4 over the pirates) and all was well. before i went home i went to my buddie's studio and chilled out with some brews and then left to go home and crash, and i did, until... (2b cont.)

listening to )) hooker songs

The Police - Roxanne
NWA - She Swallowed It (just for you BE-ATCH!)