Tuesday, June 29, 2004

`*~*` 16 |3i siXt33n - individuals

an icon needs to have a sixteen x sixteen counterpart to acompany the large icon within the systems second smaller view or its just bootie.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

h0w many of us h@ve th3m? ... friends : )

i had a fun time tonight, i spent the evening at a friend of a friends b-day. it was great! you ever lose a book or picture and then find it? well... it was a bit like that. the second moment of cherishing became an excellent experience. almost better than the first. not to be to musshy but friends are fun!

Saturday, June 26, 2004

'no... not 2nite *~(_o.O_)~*

... not tonight I just can't ...

Thursday, June 24, 2004

~' pix3l8ed pixel$

at the beginning of my new obsession i needed help. so i turned to the experts in the field, eboy.com these folks have taken pixel art to a level not seen since the days of coleco vision (gr8 days too!) this may seems like a lame hobby but in reality to me its like the caligraphy of ancient japan or the sumi-e techniques practiced today. a zen look at minimalism and the commitment to the drawing and economy of motion. deep thoughts

*~ after midnight ...

here i am after midnight and im sitting down blogging with no reason in sight. i assume that the reason for these things is to commit your thoughts to a public post regardless of thier time or context. here i am. its hard to let anyone know whats really goin on without letting them in. i guess its time.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

the ICONs of my eye ;)

well.. screw the world! i'm taking on a hobby! forget about all the injustice and strife i must indulge myself! well i'm a man of my word. my new hobby is PIXEL ART, if you dont know what it is hit google but its fun. this my first set of icons (above) they are available for the PC only (srry mac-ies, soon soon) at my site click here

dc9000 <(_o.O_)>

i've had this blog for a while and i never use it. well that about to change. as of today i'm working hard to finish my new site. hopefully it will be a success (cross your fingers) :) workin' on ... http://www.deryke.tv and see the 'before' :)