Sunday, February 26, 2006

conversat!on -(c

*jokes on the way home from the club*

'so how did you like the show?'
'the alkoholiks rocked it.'
'yup i must agree'
'but the sound was a joke'
'oh, oh, oh, i got a joke, here it goes ...two guys are standing on a bridge taking a piss...'
'c'mon let me finish. ok, the first guys whips it out and says DAMN this is water is COLD. and then the other guy on the bridge goes DAMN this water is DEEP. that's funny hu--'

*passed out guy in the back seat pipes up*

'and your MOM is BOTH! now, shut the fuck up... ...bitches.'


'he's right you know.'

listening to ))) my own chattering carcass

Automatic - my poopcast number 6 ... dc9000

Sunday, February 12, 2006

conversat!on -(b

'dude, what the fuck was that?'
'i'm not quite sure.'
'was that dude naked?'
'was he?'
'i'm pretty sure he was.'
'what the fuck, dude?'
'thas shit was fuckin' wild.'
'you said it! should we go back?'
'i'm not, you can.'
'but what if there is a problem?'
'what if he actually WAS naked?'
'oh... your right. damn, thats fucked up. oh yeah, and did you smell that stench ?'
'this city is a trip.'
'no shit bro, no shit.'


'you hungry?'
'i could eat.'
'weinerschnitzle chili dogs?'
'aww man, now you're just being nasty.'

listening to ))) i'm not quite sure ...

Misfits - Who Killed Marilyn ... thanks germ

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

conversat!on -(a

'hey man'
'hows it going?'
'ehh, good, you know jus' chillin'. lookin through some records'
'gettin ready for tonight?'
'uh huh, want a beer?'
'sho nuff. thanks. whats on the platter?'
'i just went record shopping. i got this new/old stuff off of blood and fire. its good. deep breaks and instrumentals. you know, the good shit.'
'yup. more dubby?'
'naw a lil more rootsy and electronic. picture this, it sounds like ragga but its really more hip hop. real underground. you feelin' me?'
'yeah, about to be latest thing for all the cool kids at the cool clubs?'
'only the real cool ones, but you got it'
'i like that shit.'
'me too. so hows your mom?'
'good. i won't ask, i already know how your mom is. OooohhHHH!'
'snap kid'
'jus' fuckin' around bro.'
'like i don't know, sheesh.'
'cheers, bro.'


'it only happened because i'm such an attractive man. she just counldnt help it.'
'fuck you, dude.'

listening to ))) things changing

Sri Lanka High (M.I.A. vs. The Ramones) - mp3

Thursday, February 02, 2006

867-53 'oh' 9

the girls always come to the fire. they like the heat. it lets them taste the future and forget the past all at the same time.

... er somthing like that.

listening to ))) things 'n' stuff

dj Q-Bert - The Bruce Lee Mix