Sunday, February 12, 2006

conversat!on -(b

'dude, what the fuck was that?'
'i'm not quite sure.'
'was that dude naked?'
'was he?'
'i'm pretty sure he was.'
'what the fuck, dude?'
'thas shit was fuckin' wild.'
'you said it! should we go back?'
'i'm not, you can.'
'but what if there is a problem?'
'what if he actually WAS naked?'
'oh... your right. damn, thats fucked up. oh yeah, and did you smell that stench ?'
'this city is a trip.'
'no shit bro, no shit.'


'you hungry?'
'i could eat.'
'weinerschnitzle chili dogs?'
'aww man, now you're just being nasty.'

listening to ))) i'm not quite sure ...

Misfits - Who Killed Marilyn ... thanks germ