Tuesday, February 07, 2006

conversat!on -(a

'hey man'
'hows it going?'
'ehh, good, you know jus' chillin'. lookin through some records'
'gettin ready for tonight?'
'uh huh, want a beer?'
'sho nuff. thanks. whats on the platter?'
'i just went record shopping. i got this new/old stuff off of blood and fire. its good. deep breaks and instrumentals. you know, the good shit.'
'yup. more dubby?'
'naw a lil more rootsy and electronic. picture this, it sounds like ragga but its really more hip hop. real underground. you feelin' me?'
'yeah, about to be latest thing for all the cool kids at the cool clubs?'
'only the real cool ones, but you got it'
'i like that shit.'
'me too. so hows your mom?'
'good. i won't ask, i already know how your mom is. OooohhHHH!'
'snap kid'
'jus' fuckin' around bro.'
'like i don't know, sheesh.'
'cheers, bro.'


'it only happened because i'm such an attractive man. she just counldnt help it.'
'fuck you, dude.'

listening to ))) things changing

Sri Lanka High (M.I.A. vs. The Ramones) - mp3