Sunday, February 26, 2006

conversat!on -(c

*jokes on the way home from the club*

'so how did you like the show?'
'the alkoholiks rocked it.'
'yup i must agree'
'but the sound was a joke'
'oh, oh, oh, i got a joke, here it goes ...two guys are standing on a bridge taking a piss...'
'c'mon let me finish. ok, the first guys whips it out and says DAMN this is water is COLD. and then the other guy on the bridge goes DAMN this water is DEEP. that's funny hu--'

*passed out guy in the back seat pipes up*

'and your MOM is BOTH! now, shut the fuck up... ...bitches.'


'he's right you know.'

listening to ))) my own chattering carcass

Automatic - my poopcast number 6 ... dc9000