Wednesday, November 24, 2004

my un@tur@l lUv

... houston: we have a problem! :) I LOVE HALO 2 TOO MUCH!

at the risk of sounding like the biggest geek ever to plug and play, i must say that since the 9th o' november i have had an unatural obsession with HALO, the COVENANT, and MASTER CHIEF. sad and sadder! after waiting two or so years BUNJIE has finally made my day with the release of HALO 2. this game is a 'save the world' game starring a charismatic cyber spartan called MASTER CHIEF. well this game rocks! the online multiplayer is so awesome. and surprisingly works exceptionally well on my first GEN xbox ( damn you! THOMPSON DVD DRIVE) even when my box wont! over all i give it a thumbs up on the deryke scale of hate and love. as for the ending though .....

... i hated it !!!! you suck BUNJIE!