Friday, July 15, 2005

th3 3nd, not... -xx9

... this is the end, my only friend, the end

we walked to the back of the complex where he was staying. the view of the ocean was amazing and the view of the spot was even better. he must have seen me there earlier talking to jess. i wonder if he knew exacly when she called. i bet he did.

'hello boys. i've been expecting you guys.'
'since this after noon?'
'you always were clever.'

the three of us walked in and gave eachother the pre-reqisite high fives and manly hugs. it was a pleasant thing, after all we have all known one another for the better part of our lives, even eddie.

'you guys want a drink?'
'what the hell man, its been a long day.'
'yeah, we're down.'

we all followed eddie over to the kitchen. the kitchen was large and clean with a ton of stainless steal appliances and black granite counter tops. i could see the horrible look on mario's face, like we were getting ripped off just standing there. the level of unspoken anger was beginnig to swell, even mike was looking a little ill.

'this is quite the spot eddie.'
'is'nt it though it costs a pretty penny too.'

we just looked at eachother when he said that and cringed. it was about that time.

'eddie let's just quit beating around the bush.'
'i figured this was coming, let's go in the living room.'
'is the living room gonna make things better?'
'it has couches.'
'ehhh, good enuff.'

we all gathered our beverages and adjourned to the front room and all those comfy couches of destiny. when we got in to the room i noticed a walther ppk on the front room table. mario and mike did too, but we did'nt say anything we just eyed it like the mongoose eyes the sleeping snake.

'i dont want to beat around the bush man.'
'by all means don't deryke. you drove all the way down here to do this. why fuck around.'
'what's the deal with the money man? oh yeah, and whats with the piece on the glass coffe table? this aint fuckin miami vice, dude.'
'that funny man. now why i actually missed you. so, you wanna know about the cash.'
'i think so, man.'
'i suppose you all think i'm stole it off jess, or maybe i used my svengali style mental manipulation tricks to hustle it out of her, or even better, you might even think i got her hooked on speed to con it out of her and then shove the bundle in my veins. you guys are classic. i know i'm not from same neighborhood or suburb as you guys but who the fuck do you pricks think i am? give me a break.'
'well...?' i said. 'did you? i don't know. i just got some desperate phone call from jess. she made it sound like the worst had happened.'
'the only thing that happened to her were boat loads of drugs and self pity. she was a mess alright but it was her own fuckin fault not mine. dont get me wrong we were on the train to asshole town and moving fast for quite some time but... anyways that time, for me at least, is over. not over, over but you know what i mean.'
'yeah, cheecho narced you out man, we know how you get down.'
'well i gotta be me, man.' we all smiled and laughed.

as the pistol sat squarely on the table we all remebered old stories and old friends over a few more cocktails. then things got weird. eddie got a weird look on his face. i think we all let ourselves get too comfortable and the alcohol was remiding us that we had come for a reason.

'ya know you guys, i'm actually glad to see you. all of you, on your little mission to set things right and subdue the bad guy.' when eddie got drunk he got extra passionate about things. this is why he and i never saw eye to eye.
'i dont think its quite like that man. it's a lil closer to protecting an investment.'
'you guys dont need that cash, you guys always had nice stuff when we were kids.'
'don't pull that shit on me man. don't be the victim you fuckin wuss.'
'fuck you dude. fuck you fucking twice man, you dont know the whole story. you don't know the hell it was watching out for this investment over the last few years. if i recall your happy ass disappeared up north while the real shit hit the fan. and worst of all you two were around here but didnt do shit.'naw ,man i gotta spin' was all i ever heard out of your two bastards.' mario and mike didnt say mauch just kept a vigilant eye on the piece on the table. thats why i like them, they dont want to die as bad as i don't.

just like clock work we can hear the front door pop open and as soon as that happens we all hear low disgruntled mumbleing come through the door. 'those mutherfuckin mother fuckers, can you believe they left me in fuckin seal beach? those sons off.. i cant fuckin... ughh hhhh.. seal fuckin beach. damn.' we all start to bust up laughing.' eddie is that you your never gonna...'

cheech comes around the corner and sees all of us laughing. he is all sweaty and dirty. the once fly-ass jumpsuit is now much less than fly and he looks pissed off. i had to say something.

'yo cheech where is your friend?' hehehe
'hey, fuck you dude. he's way pissed. anyways he's pissed at me too. i think his mom came and got him. what you did still sucks though."
'what did you do to my lil bro?'
'why don't you tell him cheech?'
'this muthafukka and his friends dropped me off at the OC county line and took off wit my cell and wallet.'
'you guys did what? let me get this straight you've been walkin all this time back from seal beach!?'
'that is some funny shit dude.'
'but eddie, he...'
'eh man, you still owe me for that stupid mid 90's jumpsuit you got on.'
'awww maaaan.'
we all bust up laughing.

cheecho dragged himself off to one of the other rooms bitching and moaning the whole time. i knew it was funny, but i didnt laugh, he had been through enough tonight.

listening to ))) the end

Madness - One step beyond
The Dead Boys - War zone