Wednesday, August 31, 2005

jellyfishing! jellyfishing!

somewhere ouside of charleston south carolina...

let me set the scene. me and my buddy andy (who lives in asheville nc) have been on the road for three and a half hours in the hottest most humid weather imaginable. 95+ and 95% humidity. good shit huh? we pull up to a random inlet at folley beach and walk out tward the ocean.

'i cannot believe we are here.'
'the mutha-fuckin atlantic. oh yeah!' we both laugh.
'hey man you ever been here before?'
'nah, i've been to charleston before but not here.'
'sweet, well you know i have'nt. let's go check out the water.'

we stumble down the chunky dark brown wooden steps and onto the sand. its different than the course grainy sand that i am used to.

'feel that sand?'
'yeah, that is some nice sand.'

since i had never been to this coast before i decided to go in first. i popped my shoes off and tossed my shirt on the small wooden breakwall that laid on the shore. i ran out a bit and dove in. it was warm and salty. the waves were 2-3 foot high and consistant. the soft bottom and slow descent made for a fun beach break on a mellow sand bar.

'wow man, the atlantic.'
'nice huh?'
'heck yeah.'
'its really warm.'
'thats me.'
'thats nasty.'
'just kidding, but on the real, there are some nice lil waves here. i could really see having some fun when they actually come up.'
'it looks like it huh?'
'man this is nice.'

we went on for a few more minutes body surfing and jokin around. just glad to be out of the car.

'hey man dont forget the stingray shuffle to avoid getting stung.'
'oh yeah i remember that. also dont forget to do the jellyfish avoidance dance.' we both laughed and swam on. not a minute later....

AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! i'm hit!!!

'are you kidding?'
'no! this shit hurts.' i am now running to the shore in agony. it hurts like nothing i have ever felt.

'are you ok?'
'does it look like i'm ok?'
'sorry man, how does it feel?'
'fuckin horrible. oh my god. i gotta walk this off.'
'do you want me to pee on it?'
'are you kidding?'
'hey man, i'm just trying to be a friend.'
'i think you just want to pee on me. DAMN this hurts!'
'it would be funny and i hear it makes it hurt less.'
'now i'm convinced, you just want to pee on me.'
'are you sure?'
'you're sick dude.'

listening to ))) rock'n'roll! bitches

Iggy Pop - I'm a passenger