Tuesday, June 28, 2005

dr!nks -xx7

... hey mr. DJ put the record on. i wanna dance with my baby

eddie is the key. he has all the cards in his hands. so why would he be so weird about this. did jess have anything on him? i'm sure she did but only the horrible things a girlfrienbd would know. not enough send a man into hiding. i guess we'll find out soon enough.

it's funny. summer is a fickle bitch in southern california. it comes with out notice. barely a hair of difference from spring except the gloom. the june gloom. its a hot hazey vail that hugs the coast during the early summer. it brings summer rain and warm muggy nights ripe with a static charge.

i can feel it on my body. every hair is on end.

the boys, mike and mario, were doing a gig at an extra cool dive bar for some a&r showcase. apparently a couple local bands were hot and they were the mid point dj's for the event. the club lights were rolling around the room cutting lines in the artificial fog when i showed up. all i had do do was follow the noise. right on cue 'bam bam' hits the tables and the dance floor fills in around me. grinding the night away to deep dancehall would be nice but thats not what i'm there for. the sound is getting louder, i'm on the right track.

'sup bruddah?' i had to yell over the beat.
'holy shit! hey, hey, look who it is.' he grabs mike behind him, who turns away from digging in the crates of vinyl.
'ohhhh, snap, kid. where the fuck have you been?'
'well, you know out and about. laying low i guess.'
'you wish it was under better circumstances, huh?'
'oh, so you know.'
'hell, yeah. you play with my money, you play with my emotions.'
'yup, yup, yup...' we all laughed.
'hey why dont you slap on some kraftwerk so we can have a lil talk.'
'sho nuf' computer world slides on the tables and we all go over to a booth.

the strange beat of the song brings me right back to the old days of clubbin and druggin. mario lights a cigarette and settles back in the middle of the booth between mike and i. the boys and i were glad to see eachother but we all knew we had business to take care of.

'we expected you.'
'yeah we heard about this shit a week or two ago, but decided to wait for you.'
'lots of faith that i'd show up?'
'no, we just didnt want to have to kill eddie on our own.'
'right.' hehehe
'what the fuck is up with that?'
'i just got back from talkin' to jess. apparently a lot of drugs.'
'did they spend all that money on fuckin speed or something?' mario looked like he wanted to kill them when he heard that.
'i thought you knew?'
'we knew it fell apart but not why.'
'you hear from andy?'
'nah, he went missing after jess and him split.'
'why did they split?'
'yeah, why? they were set. sup wit dat?'
'i think with all the work drying up and all the time got her in trouble. plus eddie.'
'what a punk!'
'idle hands man.'
'she wants something to do withy her idle hand i got something for her.'
a collective 'oohhhhhhhh!'
'i missed you guys.'

shots followed a bit of reminissing and the good times piled on. we spoke of the past and our lives to date. it was a good feeling. a sort of calm before the storm.

'so what was that thing that andy, lena, and brian made?'
'how can you not know that mike? it was part your money.'
'hey i trust the guy. after we left my area of expertise i was out of it. besides is'nt it obsolete or something?'
'yeah how did that go down?'
'see now, i'm not the only ignorant one.'

i went on tell the tales of internet wealth and folly. those tales are always good.

'ya see, this is what went down. hand me my seven seven, por favor.'
'you got it.'
'after we had gained our ill-gotten gains...'
'yeah, we got that part. ha ha.'
'well, i didnt know the extent of your ignorance. just kidding. he and brian developed the thing that came before mapquest. its problem was that it was good for its time but not the best service. the early company got bought by a larger company and then deemed obsolete in favor of a newer system. the best part was that it was great for a few years. andy got to sell a good product, brian got a shiney gem for his programming resume and lena got to be a UI designer and make the user interface. on top of that they all got payed on the buy-out, wich in turn made us all money from the initial investment. get it?'
'we should have spent it then and never did this shit.'
'well sherlock, hind sight is twenty-twenty.'
'well, we couldnt have seen this happening.' we were all guilty of a lil bit of indulgence.'
'yeah i guess you got a point. don't you think you are covering for a couple of druggy chumps?'
'maybe, but what? you got no loyalty?'
'yeah, but jess is a bitch man.'
'you said it, sorry man, but he's right though. are we gonna go find eddie or what?'
'whatever.' grumble
'yeah let's get outta here'

listening to ))) ssoouunnddzz

The T.V. - Gidget
Morbid Opera - Eat the Rich (i dig this band)
Kraftwerk - Computer world