Thursday, June 30, 2005

omn1-fuck3d -xx8

... the sleep of reason brings forth monsters

the sodium orange burn of the the warm muggy night made the 3 of us sweat as we drove to all our old local hang-outs. the streets felt lonely and haunted. every corner that we passed by looked murky and desolate. the city knew there were bad intentions in the air and warned its constituants or maybe it was just the calm in the eye of a storm.

we stopped the car on ocean boulevard near the south end of bluff park. the park is basicly a long strip of green grass on a bluff above a long flat beach with a view of the local archipelligo. a set of three artificial oil drilling islands all done up and decorated like something out of a post modern hawaiiana garden catalog. they are officially called the thums islands. after the name of the company that runs them. i always thought its was for how they stuck out.

'do you think we are a bunch of fakes?'
'hell i don't know man. are you?'
'try to focus boys. do you know where is eddie staying at? i've been out of the loop for a while now.'
'if we knew don't you think we would have already gone there and not driven around town for the last 45 minutes?'
'listen dude, if i wanted that kinda shit i'd eat more fiber.'
'i'm out of smokes man.'
'let's hit a liquor store. besides i'm thirsty. c-mon.'
'plus we can get beer!'
'alright you twisted my arm. ABC is up the street. les-go!'

all liquor stores around the world all have that same look. the same blue-green glow that brings down even the greatest of buzz's. in side you always have the same scene. the foreign owner. racks and racks of fat laiden crap that everybody cant get enough of and punk ass kids lurkin around lookin to take something or play video games.

'yo d.'
'aint that cheecho?'
'i think it is.'

cheecho was eddie's little brother from orange county, santa ana i think. if he's around then he's talked to eddie, no doubt about it. he's the one thats going to know where he is.

'go get mario at the counter, but be cool. i dont want them to see us. we'll catch em when they come out.'
'aw-ight bet. jus' hang on.'

mike went in and got mario and they both came out and joined me on either side of the door. cheecho and his buddy were young chump wanna-be's. who knows, they might run or pop out thier cell phones and narc us out. teenagers suck in general. especialty cocky, punk ass kids.

cheeco came walking out wearing a sweet black and white valour adidas track suit and lighting his cigarette he and his friend proceeded down the street tward the pier. we walked behind them closely down the street. then i walked out in front of them alone to say hello.

'sup kids? hows it going cheecho? remember me?'
cheecho spins around and starts to bail, but only runs into mike and mario who grab them both and turn them around tward me.
'yo motherfucker, get off me.' his friend was bummed.
'why dont you take a hike buddy? cheecho and i need to have a couple of words.'
'it's cool man, i know these guys. sup d?'
'awight then, later cheecho and fuck you to your friends!' mike jumps up takes off after him. the kid darts off like a scared little rabbit. mike promptly comes backs laughing and shaking his head. 'fuckin' kids man.'

i hated having to do this shit but the night wasnt getting any younger and we needed to sort this issue out 'pronto', as they say in the movies. we all got in the car. cheecho was in shotgun and the boys were in the back fucking around with some magazines or something. we took off south down second street tward belmont shores and the orange county line.

'nice outfit. that must have been pricey.'
'look fool i kow what you want dude. i already know what happened. anyways ...'
'look kid, i just want to find eddie. thats it.'
'you gonna try to fuck him up?'
'it hasnt come up yet.'
'well don't cause he's been cool lately. ever since the bitch took off to go get you losers.'
'jess! uuuggh.' the back seat chimes in.
'he still partyin'?'
'harder than ever.'
'damn this is gonna suck.'
'you said it vato. he aint gonna be too happy to see you either.'
'all that shit aside where is he?'
'he rented a pimp-ass condo over by sunken cities.'
'you mean the spot?'
'yeah, its right there.'
'you mean he's been in the neighborhood of the spot the whole time?'
'yup, hell dude, you can see the spot from there.'

the guys and i all just looked at eachother. this is getting more interesting by the minute. we were getting to the county line so slowed the car down on the seal beach bridge.

'get out and give me your cell and your wallet.'
'what, are you robbin' me?'
'no, just buying us some time. im going to drop these off at the liquor store where we found you at. you can get them back when you get back there.'
'thats gonna take me forever to get there.'
'it should take an hour'
'what? this sucks!'
'later skater!'
'later dicks'

mike jumped in the front seat flashed the peace sign and shut the door. we chirped the wheels as we did a u-turn and took off north back up tward the spot. the last piece of the puzzle was in place. now its time to see what the picture is.

'are we really gonna drop his wallet off?'
'we dont have time, anyways i think you're missing the point mike. we have bigger fish to fry.'

the car ride there was quiet. all of us where wondering how this was going to go down. as we crossed terminal island and all the dinosaur-like gantry cranes and miles of multi colored containers, i had to ask my self 'is this all over?' part of me hoped it was'nt and that the tie to my friends would last forever but who am i kidding? our bonds these days were shakey at best, but onward we tread.

this time we parked the car on the far side of the spot by the park. a low fog hangs over the grass. its fingers semed to dance across the slabs of misshapened concrete and falling rocks. we jumped over the fence in the back of the park and walked tward the spot. as the three of us walked down the trail we looked back and up at the houses over the spot and who do we see silouetted in a big bay window on the second story of the last condo on the left? a person, i assume, is eddie waving at us from a warm and nicely decorated living room just above us.

'i think we've been spotted.'
'oh man...'

listening to ))) the warm covers

Poison Idea - The harder they come
Slapshot - Bigmouth strikes again