Thursday, June 16, 2005

[ interm1ssionary p0sition ]

... i'm back and in full effect. let's take a break for a sec for some random sh!t

i seldom just put down the brain and just blog like a normal person and just be me. so that is what i'm doing today. recently i've had a birthday as most of you may know. it was very un eventful, kinda sad in a way. 32 is'nt a ground breaking year. its more of a rest stop on the way to being 40. or maybe it's just me. i probably just need to get laid or something.
last week i took off to the Carolinas, north and south respectively. i was out there to visit my buddy from high school and his kid out in asheville. thats thier house above in the photo. that is some nice country. if you have not been i recommend it. alot of hippies but they are cool. so are the southerners for the most part. good times. us air sucks!
about the story ...
i had fun with the last post. i'm enjoying the whole thing really. i have never really written anything as complex as this. if it is at all. i really hope you are diggin' it. its blogtacular
thanks for showing up. mad props to all the regulars. you know who you are !!!