Sunday, August 28, 2005

BACK & in full 3ffect

back to the, back to the beat y'all...

down with the sound so sweet y'all. oh, i'm back, and just like the birds at san juan capistrano, i am a creature of habit. i have returned home again to the foggy cliffs at the edge of los angeles triumphant and full of stories. my soul and brain are ripe with mosquito bites, belly aches and jellyfish toxins. oh, the south has risen again, and it has risen in me. a brand new, bleeding and aching fan of the carolinas, both north and south respectively. i can still hear the cicadas buzzing electric in my ear. thems some sweet sweet sounds ya hear *in the worst southern drawl ever*.

oh... that reminds me. i'd like to thank all my readers and creepy internet friends. now... it's on !!!

*as for 'the spot' story i will finish it as a better and more illustrated PDF and post it when i finish. thanks for the reads, all two of you.