Monday, May 23, 2005

the dr1v3r -xx2

... i got a sonic reducer. i ain't no loser

while the wet road unwound at the pleasure of my tires i wondered who it could be. the spot was quite a ways off and whoever needs me there needs something big. i usually don't go for this shit these days. i thought i was done with this kind stuff. oh well, old habits die hard.

there were only a few of us who knew exactly what the spot was. in addition to that, it has been ages since any of us have been back. that was supposed to be the arrangement. i hope nothing bad has happened. we have all come too far for this.

*rrrrrrrrrrrring* of the cell phone.

'its me'
'so it was your e-mail?'
'yeah. srry.'
'you scared the shit out of me. is there a prob?'
'actually yeah, there is.'
'FUCK! i don't wanna even fuckin know.'
'don't be mad.'
'when i heard about the divorce i knew this would happen. that guy is an asshole you know that, right?'
'let me explain.'
'NO, i'll see you there.'
'i'm sorry der..'
'LOOK, i'm on the five north of santa barbara. i'll be there when i get there. ok?'


dammit. jess myers... i knew it was her. that chick always made the rest of us seem normal. this is gonna be big. i need a drink. she's gonna have to wait an hour or two. she deserves it. i got a favorite joint in s.b.. i'm heading there.

just when you think your out they drag you back in. (2b cont.)

listening to ))) classic rock

Blondie - Maria
Cheap Trick - Surrender