Sunday, May 22, 2005

@t the B3a$T-xx1

... would you like to play a game?

it all started at the computer. that damn computer. it came as a message from an old friend with a new name. 'meet me at the spot and come alone.' that was all it said. this strange scribe. out of the cyber deep and into my in-box. the message was invading me. it was buroughing into my head. the spot? alone? why? who needed to see me that bad and who else knew where the spot was? the whole thing is confusing. these things bother me.

the thought, the idea, and the journey. where was this note taking me and why? we will soon find out. yes we will. yes we will.

thunder cracks and the fog rolls in. the rain falls soft as the clouds push home.

'so they wanna go to the spot, ehh? well it guess its time to return that drama hole. fuck, i thought i was done with that joint. the place where i burned all my bridges at once.' a pause and a smirk.

'ha ha ha.' i laugh out loud and to myself. 'fuck man, the spot sucks. this better be good. i guess i'll see.'

*non-descript crazy mumbling and soft chuckling*

my mind spins in dark circles trying to figure out who it could be. DAMN, i hate suspence. i hate surprises. especially one that starts like this.

a turn of the key and the car cranks over and begins to growl. the engine cracks the night wide open, dark and deep. bright red tail lights and glowing gas fumes follow me into the hole. (2b cont.)

listening to ))) sweet tunes

Murder City Devils - She (Misfits Cover)