Friday, May 27, 2005

m!ram@r bar -xx3

... pictures of matchstick men and you

the lobby of the mira mar hotel, famous for being the weekend destination of the glamorous movie stars of the 50's and 60's like bogart and monroe. the place to be seen and sought after. these days its a destination spot for the nostalgic tourist and lost travelers. the fading 1950's style seems the pertfect setting for remembering. whiskey sooths the palette and opens long dormant synapses.

it makes me remember ...

eleven years ago we all made a promise the promise of 9 kids to be quiet and not say a word about what we had done.

the days after high school can be a blast. they can also change your life weather you like it or not.

the original nine were myself, jess, lena, brian, andy, mario, mike, jennifer, and unfortunately eddie. all of us except eddie went to high school together. we were the best of friends you might say. all from the same townand time. we were into music, art, and having an awesome time. the raves, the punk shows, the everything. those were the days. the lazy days of our last innocent summer were upon us. the dog days of summer fun and making cash.

parties were what we did. we went to, and set up parties. we were like well oiled machine. it was easy then. all you needed was a dj, a spot and the drugs. acid, coke, and ecstasy were the name of the game along with shrooms and ghb. it was party full tilt and we aimed for the high score. under 21 and making cash while having a grand time with friends and strangers alike. it was great, but like most good things it would soon end. murder has a nasty tendency of doing that. (2b cont)

listening to ))) local tunes

Gwen and Sublime - I Saw Red
The Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles