Saturday, April 09, 2005

tatt003d ch1x

... there goes my hero, watch him as he goes. there goes my hero, he's ordinary.

in some circles tattoos and strange piercings are weird and to be looked at funny or suspect. well, around here its a part of the norm and not just for the kids. that being said, let's have a little fun ...

my arms are all wiggley from the grinder and the cold wind has just made its mark on the city. the sharp breezes are broken only by the shrill roar of the f-1 engines gearing up for the upcoming races. the town is a buzz and the chilly winds hide hot desires for speed, action, and victory.

thursday nights belong to the blue cafe. a place us hardchargers took over for the next month or two. DJ's, bands, and a slew of eMCees. a place to call our own and kick up a lil dust downtown long beach style.

'i drink, i drank, was drunk last night.' thats a piece of an old song we sang in high school. its funny how things come to pass. across from me on the outdoor patio is a lil number that i wanted to get to know. she was the kind of chick i dig but never get. all tatt'd up with some great piercings and jet back hair with a devil red stripes down the sides. i was sold. all i had to do was look at her.

'hey' (this is her talkin)
'you talkin to me?'
'yeah, how are you?'
'i'm doin fuckin great now.'
'i bet you are.'
'well, ive been checkin you out.'
'i know. c'mere'

she slaps both of her palms down on her thighs. she wants me to come sit on her lap. holy shit! was this chick for real? if so, hell yeah!

'are you serious?'
'uh huh. c'mere.'
'you got it baby.'

i sat down on her small lil lap. i was face to face with the coolest lil chick in town. she's a lil slutty just the way i like 'em, but decisive, very decisive.

'am i hurting you?'
'you? i doubt it.'
'well now what?'
'i dont know.'
'lets get married! im in love.'
she laughed.
'let do it right now and then go home and pop out some angry little kids. we can all get electric guitars and tour like a dark partridge family. i'm down are you?'
'i like you deryke.'
'how do you know my name?'
'shut up.'

we began to make out (in the good way too!) i played with her toungue piercing and ran my fingers around her hair while i sat on her lap. this was good shit. i was mezmorized. we chatted a bit and kissed a bit more but the witching hour was upon us and she had to go.

'call me tomorrow and we can finish this up in my bedroom.'
'hell yeah baby. put your number in my phone.'

she grabbed the phone and looked at the cheesy hamster on my screen saver and looked back up.

'you are soooo lame. did you know that?'
'yeah, and i'll prove it tomorrow night. where it counts.' we laughed

after she handed my phone back to me she walked off with her friends (and i think her mom too.) i looked down at my phone and across the room to my dumb founded friends. HOLY SHIT. i'm on a roll. i went to hit save on the phone and just then, like in slow motion, i drunkenly hit the wrong button. it was gone. GOOOOOOOOOOONE! fuck.

some things just arent meant to be.

listening to ))) tiger army - True Romance