Friday, March 25, 2005

t@nk t@nk3R

... i can rock a house party at the drop of a hat and i can beat a body down with alunimum bat.

the news of my demise has been greatly exagerated. i simply wait for the light of day to fade before i go about my dark business. after only snoring can be heard from all my surrounding portals i creep out to the car. slowly open the door to be greeted by the electric sizzle of the automatic seatbelt.

my camera and i are on our way. on our way steal and mangle the souls of the city into beatiful images of what they wish they were. what they are without the shroud of everyday life to obscure the real image.

i do it for you and for me. for me it is the challenge of theft and the call of the wild artist to tag on the blank walls of your imagination. from me to you it is a gift. a gift of vision into my world. a way to let the gods that exist in all of you know that i am alive and kicking. to somehow show the nature of all existance that dc9000 is holding up his end of the bargain.

'hey god!'
'wassup?' *head nod & grin*