Tuesday, April 05, 2005

d3ar d3ad g1rl

... at your funeral i will sing the requiem

dear dead girl,

i am sorry that we have not spoken. i am sorry that your voice could not fly the spaces between infiniti and my heart. i loved you and now you are gone. the shadows have set on our day in the sun, but let's not forget the way it was. let's do that now...

12 days till the perfect moment and all i can do is laugh. i always wanted to see you in ski pants. your apple cheeks all balled up and smiling back at me the way that only you can. i loved every minute of that weekend. no matter how many bumps along the road were hit and hurt. the day was wide but the nights were ours.

remember the time we went out in the middle of that misty august night? we ran on the beach and drew huge pictures at the waters edge with driftwood sticks. we drew stars, seahorses and happy fish just out of the reach of the waves. we must have done a million of them. not to show just to do. the way we lived life that night was perfect and fleeting. i miss those nights. i miss all of it. the rain on ocean boulevard and all the pumpkins we carved. every time we took the long way home and every lap we walked on second street. all were appreciated and all are still in my heart.

i guess the way things were are never to pass again. beauty always fades like the afternoon shadows. those were amazing times.

now that you are gone i want you to know something. you still have a piece of my heart sitting in a lil box on your dresser. it smells like cheescake and strawberries and if you like , where ever you are you can open it up, and where ever i am i will smell it and remember you and i and the cool ocean breeze from the little beach i am sure you are sitting on right now.

youre truely, deryke

listening to ((( saves the day - at your funeral