Tuesday, March 08, 2005

fly a k1te w1th me

... i want to get away, i wanna fly in the wind.

the air is chilly and bites at my nose. today is sweet and clear and i am alone. my car door pops open and i settle in for a drive to the beach to eat warm clam chowder and chat with the gulls over tea and vicodin.

i have a favorite spot for soup by the sea. the grill in seal beach is a spot where i can watch some tube and wander the windy pier with a warm toasty belly.

seal beach reminds me of being a kid in the warmest part of my life. all the memories that are buried in the sand under the dark brown pilings of the pier. all the lazy afternoons spent baking under the sun and talking with my friends about girls and skateboarding. all the lovely hours spent walking down the surf stained beach with my best girl. i can still smell her perfume in the salty air. it was angel. i can still hear the soft words of love whispering slowly from the sand. the surf does'nt wash everything away.

the small red spots of tobasco dot my chowdery bowl and the first warm taste brings fond memories to mind. a schooner of bud and some thick toast to finish it off. the sun is setting and the magic hour is upon me. after i pay the bill i snap a couple of pictures and remember all the beauty of the world and all the time we spent loving life and eachother under the warm sun by the wooden pier.