Wednesday, March 23, 2005

F1R3 ...uuuuh

... i choo choo choose you. and look there is a train on it!

while the seagulls fight amongst themselves for scraps of garbage. my toes warm up in holy socks with magic marker happy faces on them. today is no different than the rest, the grim spectre of defeat hovers gently outside my window waving a twix bar at me for us to share before he takes another life for his collection. he and i are tenuous friends at best.

today the tugboats stand guard at the mouth of the port while the clouds bear down to squeeze out thier babies on my freashly washed car. the sea is calm before the oncoming fluid exchange. everyday dodging bullets.

last night i dreampt of, rock and roll, truck crashes , chameloeon gardens, and her. we sought eachother out in the largest of cities to talk about laundry and shop for peter ghallager baseball cards from the OC. the gum was masticated and the air was complicated as i waved goodbye from the balcony of my old house while i played with gollum and fed him crickets. we joked and played halo two in stereo. frag after frag realizing that this vision was fleeting and falling away the closer to being consious i became.

when morning came i turned over and said hello to the shadow in the corner of my room. he trails behind me to the coffee machine and plagues me in the shower. we speak of the days agenda and joke about social security reform. that grim spectre is my newest friend and what a friend he is. the only one to qualify for permanent shotgun in my car.

'sure i'd like a twix, but you gotta go after this.'