Wednesday, March 30, 2005


... loving you is easy 'cause your beautiful. lalalalala LaLaLaLaLa

let's take a look at something. lets look deep in the eyes of the beast that eludes the majority common of thoughts and actions. let dangle the flesh of a fresh kill in front of the nose of the beast of beauty. like a storm it ovewhelms and consumes the foolish souls of the innocent on-lookers.

when we gaze upon it, it fades away. when we chase it it flies aways and mocks us from the clouds. everytime i step to alter of worship i am peed on by the cherub of fantastic remorse. but why?

the beauty beast is like a small retarded gopher. every time you aproach a hole it ducks in and pops up out of another just beyond reach. its a crying shame, but if i have learned anything from my numerous afternoons at the arcade it is this... you gotta whack alot of moles before you can afford the oversized novelty comb.