Wednesday, March 16, 2005

f@ll1ng up

... hold for applause ... and scene.

anybody who gambles should know that 'the hard way' is just the way you gotta go sometimes. in life there are challenges and obstacles. the other night was no different. recently i had a falling out with one of our worlds larger bretheren. since this guy was a dick and i was equally as tired of him as he was of me. i decided that if he wanted to kick my ass we were gonna have to see about that.

outside the bar i stand there lookin up at a huge guy with the smuggest look on his fat face he says... 'what are you gonna fuckin do about it?' and laughes as he tokes on his cigarette like a supreme asshole. i know what he was expecting.

stop time now...

i ask you how many times is this gonna happen? how many times do you look fate in the eye and say 'aww fuck it man. i cant do it.'? well thats just not my style. i was having a confab with a dude on line and he proceeds to tell me that i have no passion and all this other BS about my ideas because my views differ quite a bit from his. in a nutshell i'm not sunshine and rainbows kinda guy because i aint a rookie and i have not been that way in a while. fine and dandy, its true, but to say i have no passion is the talk of a MEGA-rookie. put in the miles and still keep doin it and then get back to me brotha. i am a man of challenges. i didnt pick this route because i'm not smart, or scientific, i took it because its hard and not for the faint of heart. the realm of the no holds barred intrepid S.O.B.. i think i qualify.

start time again now ...

as i look back at that 300 pound bastard with his lit cigarette and his triumphant look on his big blockhead. i say to myself 'sometimes deryke (thats what i call myself) you just gotta roll SIX the hard way.' i guess its time to roll. i cock back my fist and clock that fuckin-fuck as hard and as often as i can before he pummles the living shit out of me. it was sweet. let me tell you that the moment of real freedom comes from the act of commitment. when all the cards are on the table. where fantasy and ideals sit back and let reality rear its bulbous ugly head. the raw bones of the world at thier finest. that moment before the sublime contact that says 'fuckin-A people! stand the fuck back and enjoy, because this ought to be good.'