Monday, February 28, 2005

sh@pes ... & such

... a bag of doorknobs and the distain to match.

the ways that things happen always leave me confused. the fabric of life seems to unravel on the floor without any rhyme or reason. it escapes me at almost every turn. like the coyote chasing the road runner i am always left with a bill from ACME and nothing to show for it.

when will i understand? when will the warm light shine upon my dark brow? when will i emerge from the dark cave of worldly ignorance like some albino shrimp?

well, i dont know. my situational autism is matched only by my social tourette's. something tells me that i will dwell in my foolishness for quite some time to come. so i ask of all of you. come join me in the dark and live the life of a deep sea cuddle fish and chase the glowing green plankton of living enlightenment.

'the sleeper must awaken.' - paul usul muad'Dib atreides