Thursday, March 03, 2005


... things we do when we are stuipid.

a south ground swell will generate a thick, fast, consistant, warm, and sizeable wave. when this happens it is generally a civilized event. this is in contrast to a north-western storm swell from the cold waters way off the atlantic coast of alaska. the wave is pulsey, irratic, unique in shape, cold, and angry. when the waters boil with this cruel northern swell it will kick 30 foot rooster tails off the rocks and rattle every bouy with a fierce vengeance. when this happens the people and the climate get cold and tense. the city and the sea both sit back and give you a dirty look.

from out of nowhere i get a call from XXX. i have not heard from her in quite sometime. XXX is a random girl that i know through a dude who knew this other guy and so on. well, anyways she says...

'hey deryke, whats up?'
'not much. i'm just on the computer. who's this?'
'oh shit! how are you?'
'good. i'll be in town later.'
'wanna hang out?'
'sure what the hell. the lakers are playing. i'll give you a shout after that.'
'sure, later.'

XXX is the kind of girl you are in to, but then again your not because shes kind of lame. lame in a cute way though. that in mind i go out in the rain to watch the lakers get thier asses handed to them by the boston celtics. that always bugs. after a while later comes.

i'm at the v-room and the red lights are making the gin taste strong and bitter. XXX shows up with her friend candy. candy is a blonde from texas with a cowgirl-baby doll voice that makes me shutter with devilish thoughts. i am already there with a friend that had other shit to do. the girls walk in with three guys. one was a guy that i had already known named colin. the others, i assumed, were thier dates. my friend looks over at me and preternaturally haveing seen the oncoming cluster fuck makes his departure. after a drink or two i notice that XXX's date is gone.

'hey XXX. where is your man?'
'he got booted'
'yeah, he's only 19.' i look at her waiting for the other shoe to drop.
'yeah.' *********rookies*
'ok... that sucks, but i'll bite. now what?'
'we're goin to max's diner. its two blocks south of junipero street.'
'c-ya there'

colin and i decided to take another car and follow the crew. after stopping for a few minutes to see a man about a horse we drove to the location looking for a brightly lit diner with neon and paper hat wearing waiters from oklahoma. what we got was just the opposite. the actual name was 'max steiners' and it wasn't bright or friendly. this bar was your average hole-in-the-wall's dirty retarded cousin. it was a dive bar on the bad side of town that was so shady they dont even bother to card anybody. in the same breath i would also have to say that this place is not for rookies or the faint of heart.

... to be continued