Saturday, March 05, 2005


... meet the lovely and talented Lee Majors.

me and lee have had 6 good years together. i first met lee at the booby trap. the booby trap is an old 5 bedroom victorian house in downtown LB. it is usually full of band people and the random artist. i had a studio there and in the afternoons when i was painting, a softball sized lee majors would wander upstairs and sit on my chest while i puffed a 'j' and contemplated the color structure of a new painting about fish. after a new roomate with 2 huge cats moved in they asked me if i knew anyone who would take crazy ass lee majors. i said that i would. a few apartments, a few girls, and a few scraps with the nieghborhood alpha males later, me and lee majors are still goin strong.

now lee is a large and calm adult. he doesnt live the punk lifestyle anymore but he still likes a scrap now and again. thats what i like about him. he doesnt mind getting down to business. now that's good pussy.