Friday, February 25, 2005


... in through the front door comes a frighteningly sober creature from the middle of nowhere.

on vanentine's day eve on a chilly february night you have few different types. you have the love birds fluttering around entranced in each others gaze. you also have the folks for whom work doesnt stop and you also have steve and me. two guys with a nasty deadline and more than a few beers in them.

'dude, do you wanna stop?'
'do you wanna quit?'
'are you ready to stop working?'
'take out your plugs!' and points at his ears.
'oh sorry... '
'you wanna call it for the day?'
'does the pope shit in the woods?'

the grinding stopped and the sparks lay dormant in the torch. a few beers are cracked and two guys quickly decompress. too quickly actually. we got the bends. the beer flowed and the nitrogen bubbles in our blood expanded as we began to have a good time while the devo was cranked up and the jokes were cracked wide and raunchy.

from the corner of my eye i see a lil blue light off by the door. quickly jittering and turning on and off. there i see a young girl with a sweet face a pink shirt with hearts on it. she was around 19 and had straight disheveled hair about shoulder length. her eyes were wide and glassy. her uber-cheery attitude and the dark circles under her eyes told us more than she did.

'make me a car. make it the fastest car in the world so i can drive to the moon!'
'we dont make cars. we make art'
'i need a car. my name is heavenly angel and i am here on a natural high. completely drug free and feeling fine! the best that i have felt in days. do you like the doors? cause i do.'

steve and i looked at her and then at eachother. 'was this for real?' had the pink elephants from the cartoons fallen upon us like the victims of a candid camera skit? whatever... the worst of the day was over and the world was in love and we now had our own lil angel do dance around with her lil blue flashlight and make freedom seem a lil better than the walls of medication and the expectations of our families, our peers, and society as a whole.

'everybobdy dance!'

the doors played on, the sparks flew a bit and we grooved to the sounds rock and roll. the slightly mental girl twirled in the middle of our cement dance floor to her dead idols while she hid from sanity in the company of strangers.

the night eventually moved on and became more normal. the girl trotted off and found another place to sprinkle pixie dust and illuminate with her blue light. steve and i drifted back to a heated discussion on the integrity of the line work in a new piece. from time to time we would talk of heavenly angel and wonder if she ever got that really fast car and drove to the moon to fall in love.