Sunday, May 08, 2005


... i pledge allegiance to the underworld.

the night air is like a shallow grave and i am its contents. i stir and become rerstless. the remnants of limestone, feldspar, and granite clog my lungs as i burst forth into the inky evening to make amends to the spirit in the sky.

sorry man, i had to get some air.

the humidity makes the door pop open rather than swing. it has done the same to me. i am warped. 'click' the stereo. 'click' the lighter and i'm off. big guitars in small boxes churn from the cracked dashboard. smoke fills the car and the hot orange lamps glow fast and long in the rear view mirror. the city rises and falls around me as i wind down the endless concrete slab. i'm free now and only the night can stop me.

i'd like to see him try.

the soul craves whiskey and her touch. even long gone she still burns inside me. not even the prison walls of this mortal coil can stop it. every lost instinct has filled my acrid veins and soaked my heart with enough battery acid to get it pumping again. my resurection is long over due. the smell of hot asphalt is the spark. the heat feels good inside me.

who needs life when you have burning desire and a fast car?