Saturday, January 15, 2005

whats up your a$$? AN71-FL1X p.1

... i dont want to say i'm difficult but i have dick streak a mile wide. being ANTI is good for the constitution. hell, if your too agreeable you kinda suck. SO here are some flix that have a great message and that message is ... FUCK YOU!

1)A Clockwork Orange )- 'you fancy a bit of the ol in , out?' this movie will give it to you. ultra violence and dutch modern design never looked so good together
2)Sid & Nancy )- sid viscious and nancy spungen are the first and the best FUCK YOU role models for a pissed generation
3)Surf Nazis Must Die )- a purse & gun wielding heavy set black mother from LA takes on the punk rock surf nazis and kicks a whole lotta ass
4)SLC Punk )- a new flick with the timeless cautionary tale of the dangers of conformity and mediocrity
5)Nowhere )- drugs and wandering the empty and anonymous streets of mid 90's LA. it makes sense to wander within a lost city within a generation of the lost
6)Taxi Driver )- are you talkin to me? with this pick i am
7)REPO Man )- get acquainted with the shitty side of life and take a couple of cars while you are at it
8)Suburbia )- the original punk classic that defines the genre of FUCK YOU films (not the shitty one that came out in the 90's)
9)Quadraphenia )- 'i feel like a bit of a rou!' the brits have a bit more than just pretty teeth, they got mad style and scooters to boot
10)Rockers )- from the jamaican undrground. this flick shows you that all you need is a sound system and a bitchin motorbike (as long as it has the lion of judah painted on the side!)

i'm sure that most of you worth your salt have seen these, but if you have not... DO IT you WOBBLER!