Monday, January 03, 2005

soCal winter : an oxymoron?

... winter by the beach. surfing, warm coffee, & bloody marys

i once heard a guy say 'the worst winter he ever had was a summer in london' well, here in soCal its just the opposite. ever see LA Story? it is a story about a weather man in LA played by steve martin. in the movie there is a scene where he pre-tapes the weather report. that is almost the case around here. as for me, winter in soCal is fun and awkward. the sky stays blue but the wind chills or the sky goes clear and the santa anas blow hot tward the sea and all bets are off.

winter is the slightly cool spot between summer and pre-summer (spring). since im from this little corner of the world it becomes a time of nostalgia, where i remember the odd killer storm from years ago or revel in the awesome clean cold waves from the northseas of alaska. either way the fire at turk's (bar) in sunset beach catches me after another cold dive into the indifferent bossom of my piece of the pacific ocean. another winter rumbles across the basin and more warm coffee and bloody marys by the beach for me :)