Sunday, January 09, 2005


... i love rock and roll, but i sometimes forget how much. lets fix that.

i love to listen rock and roll (punk and garage the most). i also enjoy rockin out with friends and playing instuments. i always have, its my moral imperitive. SO I PROMISE you this, to put more music and culture in my blog so i can shove my point of view down your throat (dont worry, it wont hurt:)

last 10 in the juke box now - at volume 11

devo ))) mongaloid
yeah yeah yeahs ))) tick
the mars volta ))) concertina
bad religion ))) los angeles is burning
NWA ))) dopeman
the nekromantix ))) subcultural girl
devo ))) ton o love
thee headcoats ))) thee earls of suavedom
operation ivy ))) bad town
minor threat ))) good guys

if you dont got em' get em. lets get back to the roots of why we all decided to say 'fuck you' to the world! so that being said, check out my brother at arms @ Blank Forever this philly kid has the love and you should too, bitches!