Saturday, January 01, 2005

2 thousand &5 ..... new years @ the gill's

... me and new years eve, what a ride we've had. 31 strong ...

the world may not be flat, but my head feels like it is. it never fails to amaze me, i'm not the most holiday sort of guy, but when new years eve rears it nasty lil head i am a sucker for its siren song of booze and debauchery. batten down the hatches gilligan 'cause the preassure of the last 365 is about to pop. wars, olympics, lost chix, fires, floods, and f*&ckin tidal waves for cryin' out loud. 2004 was a mediocre year at best. i say we crank up OH-5 to 11 and rock the newest incoming bracket of our calendar. its only uphill from here.