Thursday, January 13, 2005

its on... bands that are too hard for you

ther are some bands that rock so hard that they scare even me. here are five that will annoy even the coolest of parents.

1) the MENTORS )- damn El Duche scares me ,may he rise as a zombie.
2) the BOREDOMS )- you go Japanese noise core, we love ya keep it up
3) the LOCUST )- let them infest your mind . it wont take long
4) the DWARVES )- like the name the are short and not so sweet
5) SLAYER )- a hard as hell classic ROCK em LOUD

in a bit of idol worship / praise, lets not forget to give all props to MOTORHEAD because if it wasnt for them making all of our ears bleed none of these bands would even exist. LONG LIVE LEMMIE !!! grrrrrrrrrrr

... and then the ROCK came. last 10 on th juke ... at 11.

tiger army ))) true romance
go go's ))) our town
x ))) los angeles
body snatcher ))) on my radio
madness ))) one step beyond
janes addition ))) classic girl
dead boys ))) sonic reducer & flame thrower love
ac/dc ))) back in black
bad brains ))) sailin on
trans am ))) motor
...rock on ROCKERS! ftw