Friday, January 07, 2005

ch!lly ... linguinni and cl@ms

... i enjoy clams

in the biblical sense and as food. the latter is what we'll talk about. as i stand by the stove on this rainy soCal day and make one of the only dishes i'm any good at (linguinni and cl@ms) i remember being a boy of 4 in alaska. after my father died when i was two, a year or so later my mom and i moved to alaska in search of a different life in the great white north along side the pipeline. the seventies were an interesting time to say the least, but i will refrain from reminissing about the decade, but not about the ...

CLAMS, razor clams to be exact. they lived in the mud flats outside of kenai, where we lived for a while when i was young. my earliest memories are in those mud flats. racing in after the tide goes out and running for the lil bubbles that them sweet tasty gastropods make as they filter for food in the sand. getting stuck in the mud and digging till my tiny hands froze was all in a good day of clammin'. after the day was coming to an end i can distinctly remember walking across a small stream and hearing the loud squeak of my rubber boots losing grip and the imediate sensation of face on rock. POP, my lip! damn it hurt. i cried and went on my way home with my mom. that night the buttery taste of clams made it all feel better.

these days clams remind me of being a lil boy by the beach in alaska with a fat lip and a bucket of squirting clams :) can't beat it!