Wednesday, May 04, 2005


... transmission from the one armed scissor

its a rainy night in the southern county and the wind howls cruel warnings outside the weak portals. shivers run up the spine of Angela Cross as the window slams open. WHOOOSH. the cold air makes her shoulder muscles go into stiff spasms. two dirty yellow headlights slide across the living room wall and the front door swings open. it's Martin Gas in a slick wet black trench coat. water drips from his chin.

'so are you ready to go?'
'yeah just give me one second.'
'you look tense. are you sure you want to go on with this?'
'no, but i dont really have a choice. how bad could it be?'
'you would catch me doing that.'
'well, youre a guy.'
'i like to think so kid-o. hey, c'mere and give me a hug, ok?'
'oh, i can't resist you.'

the door opens agiain and the angry wet night swallows them whole as they dash to the black '67 continental in the driveway.

ten minutes earlier across the town a phone rings in the apartment of Melissa Cohen. Melissa is a stock clerk on the late shift at the target on gaffey street by Angels's house. she has two kids and is 7.5 minutes late for work. it's an eleven minute drive, but she can do it. if anyone can drive fast it's Melissa. she's a pistol.

'what? i mean, who is it?'
'its me."
'oh, hey angie, i'm late for work.'
'i know. you still have your job because of me'
'i know i know. trust me if i could do it i would. the money is way good if you know what i mean.'
'well, i'd rather you go too.'
'sorry baby but it your night tonight.'
'yeah well anyways... hows everything else?'
'my roof is leaking from all this damn rain. when is this crap gonna let up?'
'who knows. it seems to have followed me back from veags. maybe its an omen.'
'yeah, cucuy is coming to get you.' they both laugh.
'later hun.'
'later cutie take care.'
'drive safe.'

Melissa jumps in her car and shoots into the street like a loose bar of soap in the tub. she drives like shit anyways but this may not be the best night for that sort of thing.

fifteen minutes in the future. Garret Jarvis will put on his warm jacket and step in to the sloppy cold night. the wind shoots across his face as he waits for his ride and dodges the rains viscious assault. his ride is coming and he doesnt want to miss a minute of the night waiting inside. it could rain like it did on noah and it would make him any less eager to go.

a black and white police car pulls to the curb and fashes a smiling Garret with the spot light. Garret dashes off the porch into the rain and back out into the back seat of the cruiser.

'put your seatbelt on son.'
'thanks Officer K.'
'it's alright. this is my partner Officer Guerrero'
'hello sir'
'hows it goin' kid?'
'just trying to stay dry sir. so, Officer K, what do you think we'll be doing tonight?'
'well, son. you never know in this line of work. the rain will bring something soon. so, tell me son, why do you want to be in the force?'
'ive had a few run ins with the law and slowly came to admire what they are doing out in the community. plus my girl Melissa and I have two kids and i want to provide a good future for them. I dont want her to work the late shift anymore either. it gets rough out there especially on nights like this. heck i could barely afford that shitty celica we drive.'
'that admirable kid. you knowww......'

the rain beats down heavy on the steel roof of the squad car. the radio breaks the flow of the moment.'attention all units. we need all units in the area of grand and central to respond to a 8-6-7 between a toyota and a vintage lincoln sedan. ambulances are on the way.'

'i guess you have your answer'
'hmmm... my friend Martin Gas drives a lincoln. i wonder... officer K, what is an 8-6-7?'
'head on collision with multiple fatalities.'
'say, what kind of car does your girlfriend drive again? anyways... this rain sure is rough tonight. aint' it?'
'you said it sarge.'

the rain pours down just a bit harder on the heads of the wounded.