Saturday, April 16, 2005

cal1 l0ve

... california knows how to party. in the city. the city of long beach.

some dreams consume us, and some dreams never happen.

as i lay dormant in my bed i can hear the dry leaves stumble down the dark alley outside my bedroom. i dream. i dream of the hot sun baking my brown body till i begin to burn blue in the bright desert sun. i burst into ashes. flying on the back of the great quetzalquatal listening the sounds of concertina. far above the ruins of teotihuacan i can see the brightly dressed mestizo girls dancing in the ball court under the shadows of the pyramids. they look up to see right through me. my pulsing crimson heart explodes from my chest and beats to the rhythmn of the guitar while i hold it in my own two hands. the feathers of the serpent god tickle my soul and shoot me into orbit with the black jaguars to prowl the star forest at night. i fade into the univierse and the dream goes on without me.

listening to ))) The Mars Volta - Concertina