Wednesday, February 09, 2005

b7ogg1ng buk0wsk1 @ pr3face

... on the precipice of a really bad idea.

when i was 19 i got my first job as a 'charles in charge' in san pedro (my first pedro experience.) for those of you who are not familiar to shitty american TV, this is the position of a male nanny that watches over not so young youngsters. anyways... that year we lost the poet laureate of the modern american west. charles bukowski. i am sure all of you know who he is. he was a favorite of my father's and mine. mind you, this is a town of sailors, bikers, and mike watt. i was sad and we all lost a bit of ourselves. this town never seemed so silent.

the point i am trying to make is that nobody needs to live like that man, just write like him (this goes out to YOU tish! go back to college you moron!) i am by no means a loser and neither is BUK. what i am getting at is that self degradation is in no means a part of the creative process and that job one of the artist is to not to be a wasteful asshole, but to make alert desicions about the world around him and its message. maybe that is why i am still the way i am. as fast as i write that down i am about to put forth some dark and self desturctive tales of my not-so past follies. PLEASE do not judge me as a reckless artist or the romantic definition of the westerm male art fag. just look at them as descriptions of a man with nothing to lose and the whole world to find.

ALSO, new pictures will be absent for the next few weeks. instead you will get a progress photo of a painting that i am working on. hopefully it will show soon at a st. patty's day show i am putting on in long beach. so bear with me and the darknes that i am about to shart all over you.

well kiddies, let's get busy and please comment all over my lame ass. l8r blog buddies.

P.S. ~ i also apologize to GIRLGREY who gave me the best compliment i have ever gotten. srrry sweetie the beauty may be absent for a while, but it will be back soon enough (it was my favorite too !)

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