Thursday, January 27, 2005


... i have always been acused of being dark, from my photos to my sense of humor. the reality is that, in the world today, if you do not pull your punches the truth often comes out and that truth is often dark. as an artist i reflect the world not change it, and i seldom pull punches. my images, my photos in particular, are taken at night. for me the night is vacant, honest and often exudes the truth. here in california (the south near the water) we lack stars. so the notion of the night as an empty sanctuary becomes evident to me. even the heavens will not keep you company.

images of off-hour industry and empty public domains fascinate me. it pulls from the idea of the self in conflict with the scene, and in turn you are left to contemplate why you are out at all. for me its the beauty. for others its escape. i am not here to explain why just to make the idea come alive. its funny i cant sleep alone and i hate being alone but, strangly enough, it is the majority of my life. that is why it is conflict and thus becomes my subject.