Monday, January 24, 2005

dr. Str@ngelove

... wandering the cool dusty streets with friendly koreans

at night i like to run the streets and find a lil piece of my own mind. tonight the roads are cool and the fog presses gently against my face. down the first hill and over the next, past the spot where eager teens make out and over the fence and in to the friendship bell. the korean friendship bell to be exact. a lonely reminder of better times when we were friendly.

the soft grass on the hill above the sea is low and tight. my old school vans are damp and slippery and give a little as i creep through off limit areas of my local historical park. i am not there to do any harm just to snap a couple of pictures and enjoy the still night air but, i feel like a criminal. not the kind you hide from behind so many locked doors and alarms but the kind that steals quiet moments and gives them to you through his camera. my head is clear and crisp, sucking up the thick night air. my only thoughts are of the kind open night and the fact that i am sitting on top of a decomissioned triton missle site from the early fifties and all i can do is smile.