Saturday, January 22, 2005

drawing @ line

... i have not drawn a picture in over a year. not since xmas eve.

its time to get some inspiration. its time to ride the asphalt beltway to the center of the universe. mike, todd, and will B. are stirring the pot across the bridge on the phone ...

"hey, hows it going?"
"what are you up to tonight?"
"not much just a bit of writing on the computer. why?"
"todd and will are over here, and we are gonna get into something later, are you in?"
"sure, im in." ... click

outside my house it smells like wet rocks from the sea. the orange sodium glow from the street lights make the fog turn into a rich wet paint. it is super quiet and the road is moist and open. ready for a lil' excitement.

as we ride the 710 to the 5 and on to the 101 the night air dries and begins to burn my eyes. i can hear the guys in the back seat talk about new records and the best route to cahuenga boulevard. as soon as its said the path in front of us gets choked up and we come to a halt. never question a fickle metropolis.

"wow, traffic on a friday @ 11?"
"hell no, not for us. not tonight. its our night. she owes us one."

the city was listening. as fast as it was spoken the clog shot down the drain and we were back to speed. the hills were rising and falling around us and the tall buildings from the center were lit like a colony of light houses showing us the way. the headlights from the cars and the tangy orange sky make it feel like two in the afternoon. all the windows are open and the excitement was palpable. cahuenga was dead ahead and begging the question "are you in?"

... all of us were drawing a line from the edge of the world to the center of the universe.