Tuesday, January 25, 2005

unincorporated l@Nd

... since the beginning of time when the first artists crept out of the caves at lascaux we have never been free from the tyranny of the box. from the edges of a canvas to the walls of my apartment, the box has no mercy.

when i was boy i had a place i went called stoney meadows it was the unincorporated land between the country club and the flood control. its hard to find a spot of your own in the city. the meadows were full of tall grass, kids on bmx bikes and the occasional urban horse owner. nowadays the spot is still and quiet with the clockwork sounds of the electric train crossing against the river now and again. it is still a place for dreams and lazy afternoons with a dog or a joint. it is a bit smaller than it was before but it will always be good for a laugh or fun run through the spoil piles and the abandon city works. out here the box has no power and no place to put its cold arms around me.

as i get older finding time away from the world gets just a bit harder every year. even when you can get a sweet moment of bliss it is over as soon as it starts. out in the meadows the time stands still and the sun always makes the dandelion flyers float upwards to the sky. all there is are bugs and beatles with the dirty aloneness that comes with the lack of pedestrian traffic. i am not anti social but 'away' is good and the sweet smell of dry grass and dusty fun will always be better than the hum of the computer and the polyphonic twang of my cell phone.

last TEN in the juke @ 11

7 seconds ))) 99 red balloons
snapcase ))) she (misfits cover)
all ))) wishing well
beatles ))) eleanore rigby
CCR ))) bad moon rising
mobb deep ))) instrumentals
desmond dekker ))) jamaica ska
fishbone ))) fishyswa ska
maria mena ))) fragile
misfits ))) she