Tuesday, January 18, 2005

whats up your a$$? AN71-FL1X p.2

... ANTI flix are at the core of cinema and the core of my RAGE against the MACHINE attitude. SO, here are some flix that have a great message and that message is ... FUCK YOU!

1)The Harder They Come )- With a Piece in His Hand He Takes on the Man! thats the actual TAGLINE. plus Jimmy Cliff always rules
2)Romper Stomper )- there are many reasons to hate russel crow, but this ain't one of them
3)Dolomite )- rudy ray moore and the hamburger pimp. this is a FUCK YOU film at it's sweet black core
4)Shaft )- when the man let's you down SHAFT will take care of you. he's a bad moth ... shut your mouth. i'm just sayin' ...
5)Easy Rider )- the movie that was made on the cheep and on the waaaaaaaay cool. all about freedom
6)Heavy Metal Parking Lot )- this is a film that has FUCK YEAH more than FUCK YOU but you'll see why i picked it
7)Instrument )- this is the only documentary i wanted to put in here. i was gonna do another list but it had to post it. fugazi, mmmmmmmm mmmmm good
8)Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid )- if your gonna get shot or die, do it in style (not all wussy like thelma and louise)
9)Night of the Living Dead )- a slap in the face of conventional cinema and the first heroic black lead in film. take that bitches!
10)Barfly )- based on the life of good ol' Chuck Bukowski 'nuff said. go SAN PEDRO!

i bet not all of you have seen all of these but, like i said, if you have'nt done it ... DO IT you WOBBLER!