Thursday, October 20, 2005

d3ar d3ad g1rl-2

easy like sunday morning...

Dear Dead Girl,

it's been a long time. all of the time washed by is clear and transparent and lets me see all the way back. all the way back to the days in the sun and the talk of young souls with all the way left. the whole 1/4 mile. i remember the pier and the late nights in the rain with just our PJ's on. it was all such good fun. the kind of fun that ralph macchio would tell you to 'stay golden' for. the good stuff, our stuff.

so how is your after life? is it full of all the good things you didnt get here? i hope it is. i really do. as much i would love to dig you up and hold you briefly in my arms again. i can't. i know its impossible, but a mere mortal can still dream. can't i?

today the air is crisp just like in all the old photos. your favorite days. all the grey sullen beaches. all the fat lazy boulders to climb on and over. oh yeah , those damn seagulls. stinkin rat flys. i promise i won't throw rocks at them any more. i haven't since that day. i know you wouldn't approve.

well anyways kiddo, i gotta split. you know how i am. funny? much, much, much, love & luck cutey pants.

- deryke

listening to ))) muzak

Saves the Day - Freakish
The Foo Fighters - The One