Friday, December 17, 2004

·´¨*·.¸¸.*·´¨*·.¸¸.* santa ana winds

... the devil winds of southern california

in southern california we have something called the 'santa ana winds'. for those of you who have not had the pleasure, 'the santa anas' are a warm desert wind that comes out of nowhere and blows warm & strong out to sea. sometimes called the devil winds by the local folks. although they may not come directly from the devil, they are winds of change that mark the new holiday season and usher out the old year. warmly rushing out the smog and soul-side pollution of the 'ano viejo'.

with the winds come power and consiousness. i am in no means the carlos casteneda of the long beach area, but i do know what he means when he speaks of the power in nature. the grand canyon, the rocks of joshua tree, and the patch of dry empty beach south of the pier, by olympic pool in good 'ol belmont shore. you can just feel it when you stand in those hot winds as they roar out to sea with all of your worries. scrubbing you down for the new year.

... tan cuidado mi hijo, el diablo is out, and runnin' hot in southern california.